Buttoned Up AF: What is “Dapper Femme”?

Buttoned Up AF: What is “Dapper Femme”?

When first confronted with the term, “Dapper Femme” it may almost seem like an oxymoron considering those two things can sometimes be on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.



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When we say Dapper femme we are describing a person who is generally feminine in their expression but also buttoned up AF. They aren’t just “preppy” but edgy as well. Dapper Femme can begin with Riverdale’s Betty Cooper all the way to Wednesday Addams.










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This person’s style is clean, not an eyelash or eyebrow hair out of place. This style is versatile in appearance with one connecting feature: through rain or snow, the dapper femme will always be buttoned up. If we could wear a button up to the beach we would! (Can we? Is that a thing?) Dapper Femme isn’t just a fashion statement, it’s a lifestyle



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Here are some of our favorite examples of Dapper Femme Style:


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When it comes to fashion there are so many amazing and cool ways to express yourself and the more examples you have of your own personal style, the better! Dapper Femme is one of those styles that’s sometimes hard to define but you’ll know it when you see it. It’s the kind of style that isn’t quite one thing but also isn’t quite another.


Do you consider yourself a “Dapper Femme”? Did you learn something new or something you want to try? Show us your styles! Email and our favorite “Dapper Femmes” will be featured on our instagram and on our blog!

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